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Starting a business takes more than a good idea and a cache of start-up capital. Successful business people tend to have certain characteristics in common. These traits do not have to be inborn, though; with determination and practice, just about… Read the rest

Those who are in the market for diamonds and fine jewelry have no doubt heard of the company called Diamonds International- one of the major diamond and jewelry retailers in the Caribbean.
What many people may not realize, however, is… Read the rest

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A community with a conscience! A recently launched business uses coupons to help create opportunities for some of the working poor in Uganda. offers shoppers a platform to share and find coupons, which ultimately fuels financing for people in… Read the rest

The latest inspiration in the business world is that sub-sect of society known as the college drop-outs.  Business sites and blogs are headlined by young entrepreneurs who have started their own companies without a degree in business administration or business… Read the rest